Kawana Gang Tagging on Moraga Dr Santa Rosa, Ca

Exact Location = 38.42172, -122.70015

Older Tags from 2008 2009
Older Tags from 2007



September 30 2014 8:00 AM





March 1 2014 School


December 6 2013



October 25 2013

Image taken around noon. Tagging happened sometime at night


July 4 2013

Images below were taken on Monday July 8 part way dawn Moraga ave.

The aria near Kawana school had been cleaned off before photos were taken but started with the green color and the black tagging a day later.



Jan 10 2011

On Saturday, January 8, 2011, approximately 5:06 p.m., the Santa Rosa Police Department received a call of a possible gunshot victim at Kawana Springs School, 2121 Moraga Drive.  Simultaneously, medical assistance was dispatched to the school.  Upon arrival, officers located the victim (later identified as Juan Carlos Angel-Esparza, age 20, lying within the front exterior hallway corridor area.  Angel-Esparza, who was unresponsive, was transported to a local hospital where he died of his injuries. 

The crime scene at the school was secured and detectives from both the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Violent Crime and Gang Crime Investigations Teams were called out to assume the investigation.  Based on the preliminary investigation, it appears Angel-Esparza died of apparent stab wounds to the upper torso area.  Crime scene specialists were called to the scene and worked throughout the evening with evidence collection efforts.

At this time, the case is on-going and outstanding suspects are being sought.  The Sonoma County Alliance, through its, “Take Back Our Community Program” has offered up to $2,500 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of outstanding suspects in this case.  Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to contact Detective Stephen Rakoski or Sergeant Steven Fraga of the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Violent Crimes Team at (707) 543-3590.

Letter from school principle found on door.


January 11 2010 Angel-Esparza Memorial


January 7 2011 about 11:30 PM


December 12 2010



Photo taken Sunday Morning April 4 2010 9AM.  It was still fresh and came off easily.



Photo Taken April 2 2010 6PM very dificult to remove. This happened sometime during the day.


Bihind school Sunday 7PM March 7 2010


Shcool front Sunday 7PM March 7 2010