Gang Tagging on Moraga Dr Santa Rosa, Ca

Exact Location = 38.42172, -122.70015

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Recent Gang Tagging Halloween Night Oct 31 2007


South Corner Santa Barbara + Moraga                                      1147 Santa Catalina


            Daves House                    3 Foul mouths Sep 25 2007


Below partial tag. Suspect seen in act running off towards the east into Cypress Ridge Oct 31 2007 11:50 pm




Additional Tags Added about 1 week later to above. These Photos taken Nov 12 2007 around 6:00 pm





More Gang Tagging

Suspicious boy running away - Click to enlarge Approx Oct 1 2007



Vatos Locos

a X3 (13) Sureno, blue color, gang from Healdsburg

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Above photo taken July 10 2007 11:49AM


Above photo taken Sunday July 15 4:20 pm


What is the license number on this Jeep? some guesses include: LYYMOLC,  LY1MOLC, 4YXM346, or 4YTM346


Above photo taken Sunday May 20 2007 4:30 pm. This is incomplete because the men in a jeep the same as the one above, 

were seen painting this on the fence and speed off at about 4:10 pm that same day. That is two colors black and dark blue.


Above Photo taken 3:08 PM Aug 3 2007 after finding a card on the doorstep. This graffiti was not known to exists until the night before


9:03 PM August 21 5 older Hispanic males in their older teens were observed and started running down San Domingo. The paint is still wet and looks to be incomplete. I removed it with a rag and some gas shortly after taking the picture.



These photos of other Graffiti in the aria were taken Sunday Aug Sunday August 19 between 7:41 and 8:15






Photos taken Sept 23 2007

The below Graffiti was placed on Saturday (Sep 22 07) somewhere between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm during the day.

This is at the Kawana Springs Elementary school


The above is a close up of below on fence in upper right of photo.