Redwood Emergency Communications Network (RECoN)

Sunday Evening Net Preamble


Good evening, this is (give your call sign) calling the Redwood Emergency Communications Net. Calling the RECoN net. The purpose of this net is to develop and maintain a state of readiness to provide auxiliary communications in the event of an emergency. Since this a directed net, please transmit as requested by the net control station. All licensed amateurs are invited to check into this net. New or visiting stations will be checked in after the Unit Comm Leader roll call. (The following sentence should not be read on Simplex Sunday): All other stations will be checked in on one of the local simplex nets, which follow this net.

This net meets weekly on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on 145.35 MHz repeater, PL of 88.5 except on the first Sunday of the month where it meets on 147.51 MHz simplex. The net control station this evening is (give your first name only) (give your call sign).

Emergency traffic always takes precedence on the net. If you have emergency traffic, use the phrase “emergency traffic.”

At this point any prearranged announcements should be given.

Are there any (additional) announcements for the net? Come now.

We will now conduct the Unit Comm Leaders’ roll call. (Unit Comm Leaders should report last week’s check-ins, except on Simplex Sunday where the count is taken during each unit’s roll call. When calling roll, you do not need to give the frequencies or channel numbers.)


Unit Name


Call Sign

Freq. (MHz)

Sebastopol (SEB)



145.620 (Ch1)

Rincon Valley (RV)



147.405 (Ch4)

Stony Point (SPT)

146.505 (Ch5)

Healdsburg (HBG)



146.415 (Ch6)

Brush Creek (BCK)


146.475 (Ch7)

Shiloh Park (SPK)



147.525 (Ch8)

Bennett Valley (BV)



147.465 (Ch9)

Peterson Ln



146.445 (Ch10)



(Regular Sunday Only): Are there any visiting stations or stations unable to check in with their local simplex nets who would like to check in at this time? Come now.

(Simplex Sunday Only): Are there any visiting or late stations who would like to check in at this time? Come now.

Is there any other traffic for the net before we close? If not, this concludes the RECoN net for this evening. Thank you all for your participation. We wish to thank the trustees of this repeater for letting us use it for the net. (The following sentence should not be read on Simplex Sunday): All stations should now go to their unit net frequencies where local roll calls will be taken. This is (give your call sign) closing the net. --73’s.